About Me



My name is Erika, a mummy to baby Philip.

I created TatraCottage almost ten years ago shortly after I met my future husband. He helped me to discover myself and encouraged my passion for creating things. I started off creating decoupage trinket boxes, then onto painting oil and water colour pictures of images captured whilst hiking in the mountains and then onto creating numerous handmade items. I am now a full time mum and am trying to give our baby the best possible start in life. I run TatraCottage in the background when he is sleeping during the day and in the evenings. With my love for natural material such as wood I have created lots of wooden products which are all designed, custom engraved and laser cut by me, I am also enjoying drawing and painting art for our own baby vests and t-shirts which were originally designed for our little boy. The whole shop is inspired and fuelled by both my husband’s and my own love for hiking, countryside and mountains.

I hope you like them as much as I loved creating them.


Lots of love,

Erika x


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